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Immigration to Canada under the Investor category *

In order for you to qualify to immigrate to Canada as an Immigrant Investor you must:

  • Demonstrate business experience for at least two years.  Your role must have included management or ownership or part-ownership of the business.
  • Have a legally-obtained net worth of at least CDN $1,600,000. 
  • Invest CDN $800,000 for 5 years with the government of Canada at 0% interest.  The investment is fully guaranteed by Canadian provincial and territorial governments and at the end of the 5 year term, your CDN $800,000 will be repaid to you.

We can arrange financing for you with major Canadian banks in which case you will only deposit roughly CDN $180,000 and finance the balance of CDN $800,000 investment requirement.  Once the loan is advanced, no monthly payments are required to service the loan and you will not receive any interest or capital return at maturity.  The total cost of this financing package is therefore limited to your initial CDN $180,000 deposit.

  • Earn sufficient points in the selection factors to meet the pass mark. 

The participating banks in the Immigrant Investor Program are large, well-known Canadian banks with many offices and branches overseas.  They are among the world’s largest banking and financial service organizations.

Features of the Investor Program

  • You and your family will receive unconditional permanent resident visa;
  • You are not required to start a business in Canada;
  • Your investment is fully guaranteed by Canadian provinces that participate in the program;
  • The provinces and territories control the investment during the five year lock-in period;
  • No immigration conditions are imposed upon your admission to Canada;
  • You will be repaid in five years from when CIC receives the investment.

To book a telephone consultation and enquire about this visa or to obtain professional assistance in applying for this visa, please contact Maryam Ossanlou at

* The Federal government announced that only 700 applications under the Federal Investor class will be taken in each year.  This class is currently full and will reopen on July 1st, 2012.

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