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Immigration to Canada under the Entrepreneur category*

In order for you to immigrate to Canada under the entrepreneur category you must:

1) Demonstrate business experience in a qualifying business for at least two years.  Your role in the business must have been management and owner or part-owner of the business;

2) Have a legally obtained net worth of at least CND $300,000;   

3) Provide a written statement that you have the intention and ability to - for at least one year within three years of becoming a permanent resident,

  • own or part-own a business in Canada;
  • provide active and ongoing management of the business in Canada;
  • create at least one full-time job in that business for Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada, other than your own family members.

4) Earn sufficient points in the selection factors to meet the pass mark.

* The Federal government announced that until further notice, the entrepreneur category is closed and no applications will be taken under this category.

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